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The Hard Things



You have to make the call your afraid to make. 


You have to get up earlier than you want to get up. 


You have to give more than you get in return. 


You have to care more about others than they care about you.


You have to work hard when you are already tired or sick. 


You feel unsure and insecure when playing it safe seems smarter. 


You have to lead when no one else is following you yet. 


You have to invest in yourself even though no one else is. 


You may look like a fool while you're looking for answers you don't have. 


You have to grind out the details when it's easier to shrug them off. 


You have to deliver results when making excuses is an option.


You have to search for your own explanations even when you're told to accept the "facts". 


You may make mistakes at the risk of looking like an idiot. 


You have to try, try again, despite failure. 


You have to be kind to people even when you don't feel like it. 


You have to be accountable for your actions even when things go wrong. 


You have to keep moving towards your goal no matter what obstacle is in front of you. 


You have to do the hard things to be successful. The things that no one else is doing. The things that make you wonder how much longer you can hold on. 


Those are the things that define you. Those are the things that make the difference between living a life a mediocrity or success.


The hard things are the easiest to avoid. To make excuses or pretend like they don't apply to you. 


The simple truth about how ordinary people accomplish success is that they do the hard things that smarter, wealthier, more qualified people don't have the courage or desperation to do. 


Do the hard things. You might be surprised at how amazing you really are and what you can accomplish to be successful!

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