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Imagine you are standing between two giant T-shaped stone pillars- 18 1/2 foot tall. You are surrounded by twelve smaller T-shaped stone pillars encircled around you. The anthropomorphic hammerhead stones are towering over you. It’s a mystical place. This is Göbekli Tepe.


Göbekli is located in Southeastern Turkey on the highest point of the Germus mountain range; the ancient turf of the moon god, Sin. This is one of the most puzzling and celebrated archaeological sites of the Stone Age. It’s considered the oldest pre-pottery Neolithic site ever discovered prima facie. This mysterious site is changing our perception of human origins of the Neolithic, a time period just after the Younger-Dryas event and the Ice Age.


We will examine Göbekli Tepe using a historical framework from the Old Testament, ancient texts as well as archaeological and historical data. Where does Göbekli fit into the biblical narrative? Who were these people and what were they doing in these mysterious circular enclosures? Is there a connection to the heavens and the gods? Does its symbols represent the earliest known language? It’s the paradigm that is changing the paradigm. Who are these Guardians of Göbekli?

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In Search of Dead Sea Scrolls:
Cave 12
Expedition Journal

For thousands of years the Judean Desert held secrets buried in its sands, only to be revealed by a young Bedouin shepherd in 1947.


The discovery of this ancient treasure has given us a specific look into the past in great detail & color, revolutionizing our understanding of history and religion. As a result, the Dead Sea Scrolls have forever solidified the veracity of the Old Testament Bible and over 2,000 years of recorded history.


What will archaeology reveal in the other Qumran caves? Is there more to be discovered?

In this latest saga of expedition journals, Aaron Judkins documents his daily field notes & personal entries as history is uncovered.

The Quest for Noah's Ark Expedition Journal by Aaron Judkins

The Quest for Noah's Ark:
          Expedition Journal

UPDATED & REVISED SECOND EDITION with new color photos on 100# quality glossy interior paper. This is an easier to read edition which flows nicely.


The Search for Noah's Ark has remained elusive throughout history. It is the ultimate quest to search for the unknown; the undiscovered- the hidden history of mankind. 


For thousands of years, the story of Noah's Ark has been written about in almost every culture of the world with one common thread- they all talk about a man named "Noah" surviving a great flood on a boat. It is the story of legends- or is it? A confirmed discovery could change everything we know about our history & confirm the ancient accounts... Some have claimed it has been found but others are sure it's still frozen in time on Mt. Ararat. 


Join Man vs Archaeology's Dr. Aaron Judkins as he documents  his perilous journey for one of the last great archaeological searches of all time- the Quest for Noah's Ark.



Peru Expedition Journal

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UPDATED & REVISED SECOND EDITION with new color photos on 100# quality glossy interior paper. This is an easier to read edition which flows nicely.


This story began with archaeologist Julio Tello’s 1928 discovery of 429 mummies in the subterranean necropolis at Wari Kayan on southern Peru’s Paracas Peninsula. Interred sitting in baskets, the dessicated bodies were swaddled in colorful fabrics, some richly embroidered. Among the tombs were found elongated human skulls.


Have some sort of hybrid skulls been found? Do they prove the Genesis 6 biblical accounts of the Nephilim? Are they proof of an extraterrestrial breeding program in Earth’s ancient past and going on today? The answer may surprise you.


Join Man vs Archaeology's Dr. Aaron Judkins as he travels across Peru & Bolivia to investigate this strange phenomena.

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                     Solar-Power Cell Technology                          

Each printed journal incorporates solar activated pages at no additional cost.  By incorporating this new technology, every page acts as its own solar-powered reading substrate. The paper’s reflective qualities highlight the print in such a way that when a page is exposed to light, black text appears to float in a pool of white and colors seem to vibrantly leap off the page. Following recent advancements in cell sensitivity, solar-powered books are not limited to use in direct sunlight, but are fully functional with LED, incandescent, fluorescent, firelight, candlelight and even moonlight on clear nights. This breakthrough ensures that readers everywhere can read in any lighted space.  

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