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Aaron Judkins is a Biblical Archaeologist, author and film producer known for the documentary theatrical film, “Finding Noah” (2015). 

Important projects include excavations at the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem (2004), the Search for Noah's Ark (2013), and the discovery of Dead Sea Scroll Cave 12 in Qumran, Israel (2017) with Dr. Randall Price. He has also mapped the longest contiguous dinosaur trackway in North America in Glen Rose, Texas (2000) and solved the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone mystery in New Mexico (2012). His research interest includes biblical archaeology, biblical studies and religious connotations of the pre-pottery Neolithic.


His new book on Gobekli Tepe called "Guardians of Gobekli" uses a historical framework from the Old Testament, ancient texts and archaeological and historical data to propose new theories about the origins and purpose of the archaeological site.

Dr. Judkins is a fellow at the Biblical Institute of Anthropology and is a member of the Near East Archaeological Society, Associates for Biblical Research, and the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures at the University of Chicago- formally the Oriental Institute (OI).

Our excavation & discovery of DSS Cave 12 in Qumran featured in National Geographic Magazine December 2018



"Qumran 2 Petra"


This film has been over a year in the making.

It is safe-for-the-family entertainment.
A “travelogumentary”... where a truth
seeking video producer teams up with a "Maverick Archaeologist" and go digging for nuggets of discovery, but where the treasure find is most often the people they encounter…


It is sprinkled with small nuggets of discovery. It offers numerous humorous moments from Ty to offset the serious topics from Aaron, especially at legendary Qumran, where Aaron was part of the team hunting for more Dead Sea Scrolls. You'll hear a lot of inside commentary from renowned, top-of-their-field Biblical archaeologists on-location at Qumran, site of the greatest discovery of all time, the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Join Dr. Aaron Judkins and Ty Towriss... 
as they explore the “Footsteps of Lost Truth”

View the trailer here

View the film here

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